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Choosing the perfect TV furniture

After a hard day of work it is nice to relax in front of your TV and watch your favorite movie or program. Helping your TV experience is the right TV furniture for your TV. Choosing the right TV cabinet however can be challenging. A TV unit needs to be practical but also needs to blend in with your current furniture and interior style. Quite a lot to think about. John Long Furniture Centre gives you some tips to make sure you choose the right TV furniture.

Dimensions of your TV unit

A TV cabinet will very likely be placed in a central point of your living room. However make sure your TV unit is not too large. It should be in proportion to the other furniture in your living room. It’s a good idea to measure the size of your living room so you know the correct dimensions. Due to the constant evolution in the digital world TV units are available in a variety of dimensions. Don’t buy furniture based on your current television size but buy a TV cabinet that fits different sizes. You would like your TV cabinet to be about 20% wider than your current TV. Also make sure that the TV cabinet can carry the weight of your TV.

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Choosing the perfect TV furniture

Correct height of your TV furniture

Nowadays TV furniture is being made quite low. This is because looking at your TV from a slightly downwards angle is the best way to watch television. Make sure you have the correct height of your new TV furniture for an enjoyable viewing experience.

Lighting around television units

The lighting around your TV furniture is very important. Indirect lighting is essential and makes watching television a lot more pleasant. If there is no lighting available for your TV furniture you can easily add it yourself using LED lighting strips. You don’t want bright lighting around your TV unit to spoil your television experience.

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Choosing the perfect TV furniture

Technical specifications for your TV cabinet

Your television set and additional equipment must always be within reach of the remote control. Also always check if there is enough space on the TV furniture for all your devices. Devices that are not used on a regular basis, such as a DVD player or Game Console, can be tucked away behind stylish doors. This ensures that your TV furniture always looks neat and tidy.

It is also important to check if TV furniture offers a good solution for the cabling. It is better to make sure that the cables can be tucked away neatly so that you won’t have to look at untidy cables.

John Long Furniture TV Furniture

At John Long Furniture Centre, Swansea we offer stylish TV cabinets for sale. We offer an abundant collection of TV cabinets for sale to add to your living room. We have TV units for sale at affordable and competitive prices without compromising quality.

We offer delivery in most of South Wales and West Wales to places like Neath, Port Talbot, Bridgend, Cardiff, Llanelli, Carmarthen, Milford Haven and Ammanford.

Come and visit us at John Long Furniture Centre if you are looking for your perfect TV furniture or any other furniture to complete your home.


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