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Choosing the right colour for your interior

The look and feel of your interior is not only depending on your furniture but also the colour of your walls and ceiling. We give you some guidelines to help you choose the right colour for your interior.

Try new colours at home

Choosing the right colour for your interior can cause a lot doubts. Will this colour look nice in my living room? Will the colour match your furniture? A lot of people choose their new paint colour in store where there is full and bright light on the paint. The colour will therefore look completely different in the store than at home. If you want to make sure the colour is right take samples of a few colours home. This is almost always free and you can also see perfectly how the colour fits in your home and how it looks with your furniture.

Light makes colours look different

Most people do not realise that every colour looks different when exposed to various light. During the day, the light in the house changes. The colour therefore matches differently. So always check with your colour sample the choice in daylight and in the evening in artificial light.

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Choosing the right colour for your interior

Make an interior plan

Before you buy a colour or start painting it is important to make an interior plan. You can only choose a paint colour after you have decided which materials, furniture and styling you want to combine. Paint is available in all colours of the rainbow and is therefore much easier to adapt in subtle colour combinations than the colour, pattern and fabric choice for your furniture.

Choosing bright colours

Always be careful with very bright colours. It is in general better to choose a somewhat softer colour tone. When a colour is too bright it can be disruptive and overpowering. It is best to apply a bright colour to a single wall in the hall, on the toilet or on a wall behind a special piece of furniture.

Is white boring?

Often the advice for a small room is to use white as a colour for walls and ceiling to make the room appear larger. But is this always the case? There are plenty of inspirational images of small painted spaces. Such as a dark grey hall, a night blue bedroom or an olive green kitchen. These colours also provide atmosphere, strength and personality.

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