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Create space in a small living room

Our homes come in all shapes and sizes. Some of us are blessed with a very large living room and others can only dream of this. But don’t worry a small living room can still feel spacious if you follow a few simple rules.

For anyone with a small living room here are four easy tips to make it look bigger.

Choose large furniture for a small living room

This sounds contradictory but is the best tip ever. By opting for large furniture the room seems more spacious than if you opt for all lots of smaller furniture items. One large corner sofa looks calmer than a small sofa with separate armchairs. More furniture makes a living room more cluttered and therefore busier and optically smaller. So opt for one dining room bench over three dining room chairs and one large shelving unit than three smaller ones.

Choose low height furniture

Sight lines are important in any room however even more important in a small space. When a line of sight is interrupted by for example a closed cupboard or armchair with a high backrest you will immediately see that this makes the room less spacious. And the same applies to the light that comes in through the windows. You would prefer this light to enter your living room as far as possible. So make sure you choose low height furniture. For example a sofa with a low back and choose a sideboard instead of a high cabinet. This way the view and the light are not obstructed by high objects in your living room.

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Make a small living room look bigger


Choose not solid furniture that creates a see through

When you see more of the floor the room will appear larger. So choose a sofa on (slender) legs instead of a solid block that reaches to the ground. The same applies to the dining room chairs. Wooden chairs with bars give a more spacious effect than dining room chairs with a closed plastic shell. This is simply because you can see through them and the light can fall through them. And what about the hanging lamps above the dining table? Large industrial pendant lamps are of course beautiful but these are often massive and take away a lot of light and visibility. A hanging lamp with a small lampshade or a lampshade made of wire steel or rattan, fits much better in a small living room.

Use light colours and matching colour tones

The choice of colour also has a great influence on the spaciousness of your living room. We know that dark and warm colors make an interior appear cosy. Light colors on the other hand actually make an interior bigger. That certainly does not have to mean that all walls must be bright white. Light shades such as beige, soft green and light pink also fit perfectly in a smaller space. Also try to limit the amount of different colors. Choose the cushions on the sofa in the same color tone as the sofa itself and let the color of the dining room chairs be reflected in the lamps. An extra effect can be created with the sofa in the same color tone as the wall.

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