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Decorate your house warm this winter

It has been a cold and wet winter this year. The days are short and you want to make it even more pleasant and warm in your house. Because we understand that you don’t want to give your interior an expensive radical makeover every year we give you some simple tips to give your house a warm feeling. Make your interior warm without paying a lot. There are different ways to make it warm and cosy at home without having to big expenses. You can make a big gesture with small additions.

Choose the right colours for your interior

Choosing warm colors radiate warmth into a room. Winter and even autumn are perfect seasons to add a warm colour to your interior. The warm trend colours of this autumn and winter are brown, ochre, rust and burgundy. Do you find it too intense to paint an entire wall? You can also paint a part of your wall or paint just the wooden parts of the room. In this way you give your space a warm tan in a subtle way.

Choose warm and woolly materials

You can also add warmth to your interior with materials. Woolly, soft fabrics provide a warm appearance. Finish your sofa with a nice warm plaid and decorative cushions of velvet and fake fur. This way you create a warm and cosy place. You also add warmth through fabric curtains and a woolen rug. besides warmth textiles also provide better acoustics in the room.

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Decorate your house warm this winter

Sparkling lights

Good lighting also helps create warmth in your room. First choose light sources that emit warm light. Cool light emits a bluish glow, while warm light emits a yellowish glow. Use dimmers or apps to control the intensity of the light. This gives the room a soft, warm glow. The choice of your lamps also plays a role in the incidence of light in a room. Choose lamps that emit indirect light, so the light beam does not shine directly into the room. Another option is of course light old fashioned candles.

Wood and green

Natural materials give your interior warmth. In addition to fabrics such as wool, linen and cotton, rustic wooden furniture also does a lot for the space. Flowers and plants also bring cosiness into your room. Choose pots and vases in warm colors and materials and combine them nicely. Hopefully you have enough tools to sit nice and warm in the coming months.

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Come and visit us at John Long Furniture Centre if you are looking for accessories to make your house warm this winter. Besides sofas, dining room furniture, beds and bedroom furniture we also have various furniture accessories to finish your house to the standard and theme you want.

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