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Determining the finishing edge of your dining furniture table

You should pay attention to the edge of your new dining table top when you buy a dinner table. There are various options for the finish of the edge. Each dining table top has its own appearance. Which dining table edge fits best in your interior? We are happy to explain the different finishes. Would you like to view the options? You are very welcome at our Swansea furniture store.

Options for the edge of your dining table top

  • Straight edges. The edge is straight forward, with 90 degree angles. The appearance is robust.
  • Wearing edge. This dining table top edge is not much different from the straight edge. The right angles are slightly worn so that the edges look a bit softer than completely straight edges. This edge ensures that the table still has a robust appearance.
  • Round edges. The edge of the table top has a curve. This finish shows a bit more feminine and graceful.
  • Rejuvenated edges. The edge of the dining furniture table is tapered at the bottom. The top of the blade simply extends straight to the edge. Then we go straight down a bit and finally the edge slopes away downwards. You will often see this style reflected in Scandinavian tables.
  • Oblique edges. This version of the tabletop edge resembles the straight edges. Only the sides run diagonally in from top to bottom. This version looks a bit more coarse than the rejuvenated table edge.

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Determining the finishing edge of your dining furniture table

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