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Furniture inspiration for your hallway

Do you want to add some new furniture to your hall or is it in need a a good refurbishment but you don’t know which style you would like to have in your hall? John Long Furniture will give you some tips.

Scandinavian style hall

The Scandinavian interior is all about peace, simplicity and functionality. Light colors and natural materials are a must with this living style. Scandinavian design uses a lot of pastel shades, clean lines and light woods. The Scandinavian living style is a very popular living style that is used in many households.

Industrial hallway style

We see a lot of industrial style in many homes. This style uses a lot of metal, robust woods and dark colors. You can also easily bring this style into the hall. For example go for a coat rack made of metal or for a robust wooden bench as an atmosphere maker. Go for a dark grey color on the wall or go for a cool concrete look to complete your industrial hall.

Rural style hallway

The rural living style is mainly very cosy and traditional. This style gives the feeling of home. In a rural interior we see many cuddly textures recur. In addition, we see a lot of bedspreads, untreated floors and many brown tones. Furniture finishes are often rough or sanded.

Furniture Inspiration for your Hallway

A bohemian hall

Natural materials are a must for a bohemian interior. A lot of rattan, reed and wood are central to both furniture and accessories. In addition, textile is an important item. Go for a carpet or a beautiful macramé wall hanging. Do you want to create a quiet bohemian atmosphere in the hall? Then go for a neutral base with green accents. Do you dare to unpack a bit in the hall? Then choose a tropical print for the wall and combine it with colorful prints.

Botanical style hall

The botanical style is still a very popular living style. A botanical interior is all about green, green and more green. This can be reflected in various items and materials. Combine green with a number of natural materials to complete your botanical hall. It is also easy to bring back a botanical touch in different interior styles so this style is suitable for everyone.

Hallway furniture from John Long Furniture Centre

If you need more information feel free to visit us at our Swansea Furniture Store. We have a great collection of hallway chairs and hall tables for sale. Or contact us for more information.

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