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Guide to create a Bohemian Interior

If you’ve ever been to Ibiza, you probably know it, the interiors with cheerful colours and prints. We call this the Bohemian living style. In this style the possibilities are endless, you can combine with different colours, patterns and materials, nothing is too crazy. If you choose a bohemian style interior, every day feels like a holiday, who wouldn’t want that? We give you a quick guide how to create a bohemian interior.

What is a Bohemian interior?

Bohemian is a term that comes from the Bohemian population, just for your picture: Bohemia is located in the western part of the Czech Republic. When you translate Bohemian from French it literally means ‘not bourgeois’. That not bourgeois is a good description of the living style, the Bohemian style is not tight and neat, but rather loose and crazy. A Bohemian interior is extravagant, cosmopolitan, exotic and colourful.

Guide to create a Bohemian interior: The basics

If you want to go for a full-on Bohemian interior, a good foundation is important. Choose a cheerful, warm colour for the walls. Beautiful colours for this are, for example, yellow and terracotta. The choice for this is of course completely up to you, if you like white walls better, you choose white walls. When you’ve found a nice colour for your walls, it’s time for furniture.

As said before, everything is allowed and possible in a Bohemian style. Choose a sofa in a cheerful colour, or opt for a beautiful neutral colour that you complement with cheerful accessories. A cognac leather sofa also looks great in a Bohemian living style.

Accessories to create a Bohemian living style

Natural materials work great in a Bohemian interior. Think of rattan, webbing and wood. In addition, items with a story are also a nice addition to this style, for example a souvenir from that beautiful trip or a vintage cabinet that belonged to your grandmother. Of course, colourful accessories are also not to be missed in this living style. Tip: Add plants for a tropical touch.

John Long Furniture Centre – Bohemian Interior

At John long Furniture Centre in Swansea we have the right furniture to help you create your Bohemian interior. We can provide your with stylish dining room furniture, luxurious bedroom furniture or that large comfortable bed. We also have a great collection of armchairs and sofas to match your Bohemian interior. Come and visit us today or contact us if you have any queries.


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