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How to create a hotel chic interior

It is always a treat to stay in a nice luxurious hotel. Bedroom nice and tidy, the beautiful bathroom and the often sleek interior ensure that there is a pleasant atmosphere and you can completely relax, making this style much more popular. In this blog you can read what Hotel Chic exactly means and how you can apply this cool style in your own interior.

What is hotel chic?

The words already give it away a bit. It is a fairly new but no less hip style of living. Hotel chic means that everything is nicely and neatly decorated, just like in a hotel. It has a luxurious look and can also be recognised by the natural tones and materials. You also see a lot of accents of gold and marble and the colours black, beige and green also belong to a hotel chic interior.

Get the right combination of colours

There are a number of colours that provide a real hotel feeling. A colour that should certainly not be missing in a Hotel Chic interior is gold. It fits perfectly with luxurious materials such as velvet or marble. Do you like gold less? Then you can also use it in, for example, less striking accessories. In addition, the colours are dark grey, dark brown and black, colours that fit well with this style.

How to create a hotel chic interior

The materials and shapes of a Hotel Chic interior

In addition to colours, materials also play a major role in a hotel chic interior. Use exciting combinations of round and oval furniture with clean lines and a beautiful look and feel is created. Also materials of marble and brass are always good. These radiate a lot of luxury due to the shine and gold colour. You will not come across white walls very often in a hotel chic interior. Besides dark wall paint, wallpaper with a cool print is also a must. The Buoyant Fairfield Armchair is a chic armchair that fits nicely in the hotel chic interior! But a beautiful corner sofa of velvet like material is also a good example of what fits well in a hotel chic interior.

Using the right lighting for atmosphere

Atmospheric lighting should not be missing in a hotel chic interior. The right lighting does more to an interior than you might think beforehand. For example, choose a beautiful floor lamp in the living room or a beautiful table lamp. So it is functional and also stylish!

Use accessories but avoid cluttering

Using accessories is always good, but there are a number of points to keep in mind when it comes to a hotel chic interior. In order to get the base right, space has to be made. We recommend making a good selection of what to keep and what to get rid of. If you have some accessories that just don’t fit in the interior, you can always use the spray can. The most important thing to remember is: avoid cluttering!

The right floor finishes off your hotel chic interior

After you’ve picked the right furniture, painted the walls, got good lighting and picked out the right accessories, all that’s left is the floor. Floors that are often chosen in a hotel chic interior are, for example, a tile PVC floor or a herringbone floor. You see both more and more these days, but that doesn’t make it any less stylish.

How to create a hotel chic interior

Hotel chic bedroom

There are a number of tips for creating a hotel chic bedroom. First of all, a large bed should of course be essential. If you don’t have room for a large bed, you can also create a hotel-chic atmosphere with beautiful bed linen, a bedspread and various pillows. Do you have space left over next to the large bed? Then it is a good idea to put a relaxing velvet chair in the bedroom. This really shows that your bedroom is more than just sleeping.

John Long Furniture Centre – Hotel chic furniture

At John long Furniture Centre in Swansea we have the right furniture to help you create your hotel chic interior. We can provide your with stylish dining room furniture, luxurious bedroom furniture or that large comfortable bed. We also have a great collection of armchairs and sofas to match your hotel chic interior. Come and visit us today or contact us if you have any queries.

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