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How to furnish your bedroom

Besides furnishing the living room the bedroom is the biggest and most important room in the house to be furnished. However it is also a very fun and rewarding task. It is a space where we spend a lot of our time and to the bedroom furnishings need to be right. The bedroom is a place has to give a lot of peace and quiet and make sure we are rested. However the bedroom has become a more and more part of our daily lives. For example the bedroom is being used to watch TV, meditate or exercise. When furnishing the bedroom we must keep that in mind.

When furnishing your bedroom it is important to keep an eye on the basics like flooring and furniture but also styling.

Bedroom Flooring & Walls

You can choose from different floors for the bedroom. Do you go for a hard floor such as laminate or wood which is easy to clean? Or do you prefer comfort and warmth and choose a nice carpet? And which colour do you choose? You can go for a safe neutral colour for the flooring  but nowadays you can also choose a beautiful pattern of Portuguese tiles or a carpet in a bright colours. Certainly in your bedroom you can experiment with special flooring prints. For the walls you got the choice between paint or a nice wallpaper which can be combined with the colours of the flooring to make the room and flooring enhance each other and give the bedroom the look and feel you want.

How to furnish your bedroom

The bed

The item that distinguishes this room from all other space and the most important thing about the room: the bed. But which bed do you choose? Are you going for a double bed or are 2 single beds more suited for your bedroom? If you choose a double bed then there is also the choice of king size beds or super king size beds. Obviously this choice depends on the size of the room and your budget. And if And do you go for a bed conversion with a good slatted base or do you choose a box spring? You can choose from basic to super luxury. Not only the choice of bed base but also in the type of mattress. A mattress is an important item on your bed because it ensures that you wake up feeling rested.

Window Decoration

A bedroom must be dark in the night. When designing your bedroom you really have to take this into account. Choose good window decoration. You can opt for blinds but then you have to add curtains because otherwise you still get too much light in your bedroom. It is best to go for curtains that exclude the light on all sides to give you a good night sleep.

How to furnish your bedroomBed room furniture

If you are going to furnish your bedroom there is other furniture to consider besides your bed. We also want to be able to store our clothes and it is useful to have a bedside table next to our bed for storing our books or our mobile. You should take this into account when designing your bedroom. Where do we put the wardrobe? How big should the wardrobe be? What is the layout going to be? Do we need a lot of drawers or more hanging options in our wardrobe?

And is there a requirement for other furniture like a make-up table or chest of drawers and do we have enough room left for these? The bedroom simply needs storage space. Another storage option to consider is draws built into the bed. The bedroom must be tidy because a tidy house gives peace. Nobody wants to sleep in a room full of junk.

Bedroom Lighting

Often a lighting plan is only designed for the living room. We should however do the same for the bedroom. Light has several functions in the bedroom. For example it is nice to be able to dim the light by the bed so that your partner can sleep while you read your book. And it is important to have good light by the mirror. So you have to think carefully about the lighting for your bedroom.




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