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Inspiration for designing your dining room

A new year means new interior inspiration. All Christmas decorations are gone and your house can suddenly feel empty. A great moment to for some new furniture inspiration. Today John Long Furniture Centre will share some inspiration for designing a modern dining room.

Furnishing a modern dining room

Have you been inspired by home magazines or online and do you want to get started creating a new dining room? Think carefully about what you like and what suits you. Sometimes a style looks very nice in a magazine however it actually does not suit your personality and wishes. Be inspired by fun trends but do not simply copy everything.

View the shape of the room and take this as a starting point for the design. Is the room suitable for a rectangular table or better for a round dining table? How many seats do you want at your dining table? Many different shapes and materials fit into a modern interior. For example you can combine warm materials such as wood with steel and glass for a modern look and feel.

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Inspiration for designing your dining room

Modern shapes in the dining room

Do you want to add sleek and modern shapes to your dining room? Then start at the dining table. Go for a rectangular or round dining table with a sleek top and steel base. Combine the table with comfortable but sleek dining room chairs and your modern dining room is already starting to take shape. Modern furniture is often functional and come without additions or frills. Also think about adding a modern hanging lamp or several modern small hanging lamps above the dining table for a nice modern effect.

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Inspiration for designing your dining room

Colours in a modern dining room interior

It is often assumed that only white and some shades of grey can be added in a modern interior. This is a myth. For example you can add warmth to your interior by adding a beige tint. Blue, red and green can also be added to your modern dining room interior. Make sure you let the colours come back in multiple places to create a nice balance.

Get dining room inspiration in store

In our furniture store you have a wide choice of dining tables, chairs and sideboards for your modern dining room. You are very welcome in our furniture store to be inspired. View our large range of dining tables and test which chair best fits your dream dining table. Make sure to bring the dimensions of your room with you and we will gladly advise you on the possibilities.

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