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Keep your wardrobe fresh

How nice does the laundry smell when you just take it out of the washing machine. However often when putting on your clean clothes, you notice something different. Often there is a musty smell in the wardrobe, which is causing your clothes to no longer smell as fresh as before. Why is that and more importantly, how do you get rid of that musty smell? Below we give you some tips, so that your clothes will continue to smell nice and fresh in the future and to keep your wardrobe smelling fresh.

Inspect your wardrobe

Remove everything from the wardrobe, including paper or liners. The wardrobe needs to be completely empty to find out where the smell is coming from. When empty make sure to check for any damp spots and in a wooden wardrobe even look for wet or rotten wood. If the cabinet has wet spots, we would consider buying a new wardrobe.

Don’t put too many clothes in your wardrobe

What can cause a musty smell or smell is a lot of clothing hung together. That way your clothes cannot ventilate / air properly. Take the occasion to go through your clothes and decide if you need all the clothes in your wardrobe. Clothes that you are not wearing can just as easily be disposed of or put in the textile container. This immediately creates more space in the cupboard and less chance of a musty air or odour.

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Keep your wardrobe fresh

Only put completely dry clothes in your wardrobe

Humidity often causes stale air. This happens when you hang or put damp clothing in your wardrobe. This makes the wardrobe very humid, which creates this air or odour. Therefore, always make sure that the clothes are bone dry before you hang them in the closet. Especially if you have a full wardrobe this is the cause of any smells 90% of the time.

Leave the wardrobe doors and drawers open

A very simple solution to remove that musty smell is to keep the closet door or closet drawers open every now and then. Make sure the wardrobe is briefly provided with some fresh air. This is especially important if you don’t use a wardrobe that often.

Use wardrobe fresheners

You can buy special wardrobe fresheners that make any stale air disappear. Actually, the smell will not disappear, but your wardrobe will smell a lot more pleasant. Although this does not solve the problem of the source of the smell, it is a good side effect for a nice scent in the wardrobe.

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