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Leather Furniture VS Fabric Furniture

When you wan to buy new furniture you often have the choice of leather and fabric material. The choice can be made on the basis of aesthetic or practical reasons. Both fabric and leather furniture have their own advantages and disadvantages. Which material fits best on your chair or sofa?

At John Long Furniture Centre we have a wide choice of quality leather sofasfabric sofas and chairs for sale.

Advantages of leather sofas and chairs

Leather furniture is easy to clean. When there is spillage on leather furniture you can easily clean it as leather does not absorb as much as fabric. Leather is also a very durable material and will last on average longer than fabric. Even when leather furniture has been used for years it does not lose its appeal as worn leather can be very charismatic too.

Disadvantages of leather sofas and chairs

Leather requires maintenance to keep its look and feel. There are leather furniture care kits available to maintain your leather furniture. The leather material can feel less warm than fabric and can feel cold when first sitting on the leather fabric.

Advantages of fabric sofas and chairs

Fabric furniture can have a warmer feel when using it. It feels warmer to the skin and is also softer. Fabric furniture is also available in much more colours and patterns to give you a wider range of choice. Fabric furniture also requires less maintenance than leather furniture.

Disadvantages of fabric sofas and chairs

Stains are difficult to remove from fabric furniture. You can add a protective layer to prevent light stains. However if you have for example small children think about a darker colour of fabric furniture. Some fabric will wrinkle or even tear after time as the fabric wears down.

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Leather Furniture VS Fabric Furniture

Combination of leather and fabric furniture

At John Long Furniture Centre we have solid quality leather and fabric furniture. When you really like the look of leather, but prefer to sit on fabric we can provide you with the perfect combination of leather and fabric furniture.

You can choose from leather, fabric or a combination. For example, you can sit on a fabric seat, while the rest of the chair is made of leather. Or the upper part of the backrest can be fabric or leather for a playful effect. It is also possible to have the option armrests in fabric or leather.

John Long Furniture Swansea

In our Swansea furniture store we are happy to look and think along with you to choose your perfect leather sofasfabric sofas and chairs. If necessary we will put everything together to achieve a nice end result with you. Come and visit our store or contact us to help you choose your quality furniture which will look amazing in your home.

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