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The advantages of a corner sofa

The sofa is normally the center piece of your living room. A sofa determines the layout and atmosphere of your room. When buying a sofa you need to have agood think what you want and decide what is the right sofa for you. There are many different types of sofas. From different setups to materials and colours. Choosing a new sofa can be very stressful. However do have a think about a corner sofa. John Long Furniture Centre will give you the advantages of a corner sofa.

A corner sofa will provide space for the whole family

Many types of sofas are called corner sofas, from lounge sofas to long chair sofas and U-shaped sofas. To make it easier we count all sofas with an extended part as a corner sofa. The biggest advantage of a corner sofa is the number of seats. A corner sofa has at least space for 4 people and is therefore the ideal place for the whole family. Perfect for a relaxed evening on the couch. Enjoy a glass of wine with friends or a movie night on the couch. Also corner sofas are extra comfortable, because you can sit on the sofa with your legs stretched out. It is therefore the ideal sofa if you like to spend time on the sofa, have visitors or just want to sit ultra comfortable.

The advantages of a corner sofa

Make best use of your space with a corner sofa

A corner sofa makes clever use of the space in your room, empty corners become seats. The empty space will be used efficiently. Chairs and armchairs are no longer required, making a room appear larger and more spacious. If your living room has less space, you can also choose a smaller corner sofa. A more compact corner sofa with a small ottoman or long chair could be the perfect choice. Another advantage of a corner sofa is that you can often compose the sofa yourself.

John Long Furniture Corner Sofas

At John Long Furniture Centre we have a great collection of corner sofas for you. Come and visit our showroom to have a look and try our corner sofas. We can give you professional advice what the best corner sofa is for your living room. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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