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Tips for a new interior for your home

When you buy a new house or when you decide to have a new interior in your existing home it is important to plan this correctly from the start. The most important thing in your house is the basis of your interior the decoration such as accessories will come at a later time. This is often a common mistake when starting to furnish your interior.

What are the basic elements in your interior?

Basic furniture can be found in any interior. For example: sofas, coffee tables, sideboards, TV cabinets, armchairs, dining room table and dining room chairs. Of course we only have covered the living and dining room here.

With these basic elements we will start to build your new interior. It is important to determine what sort of furniture you like. What is your living style? Browse through a number of home magazines and cut out what you like and stick it on a cardboard board. This way you create your own mood board which is very practical but it is also fun to do. The living styles that are currently real trends are the Scandinavian living style and the Industrial living style. You can also perfectly match these styles in your new interior.

When you have agreed on the style and type of furniture you can start shopping. Stay with the style you picked and sometimes dare to do something slightly different. This way you make your interior exciting and it won’t get boring.

What kind of sofa is best for you

In addition to the furniture such as the coffee table and dining room table you also need a sofa that sits comfortably. Do you love to relax on the couch after a long day of work? Then a U-shaped sofa or an L-shaped sofa is perfect.

Is the room smaller and do you want fit in your new sofa? Then choose a 2-seater sofa or 3-seater sofa with a nice foot stool so you can still put your legs up when you need it and you can easily move the foot stool to create space.

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Tips for a new interior for your home

Choosing your dining room furniture

You can opt for a traditional rectangular dining room table but nowadays the trend is an oval or a round dining table. A round dining room table is practical and takes up much less space. Thanks to the round shape it is ideal in a smaller space and you also create a trendy look in your new interior.

John Long Furniture Swansea

In our Swansea furniture store we are happy to look and think along with you to combine the interior. If necessary we will put everything together to achieve a nice end result with you. Come and visit our store or contact us to help you design your perfect new interior for your home.

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