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Tips for buying quality furniture

At John Long Furniture Centre we sell quality furniture. We provide an excellent choice of furniture for your living room, dining room and bedroom furniture. However we do appreciate that sometimes you can get lost what to look for when choosing furniture which is right for you. Due to an extensive amount of furniture in combination with a large choice of size, fabric, colours and patterns it can be confusing what furniture is right for you. Of course you can always contact or visit us for advice. Below we will provide you with some tips what to look for when you are buying new furniture for your home.

Choose the right size furniture

It sounds obvious that you need to buy the right size furniture however a lot of people measure the space for the new furniture too small. It is really important to make sure there is enough space to fit your new furniture. Make sure your lovely new furniture is not cramped into a tiny little space. Also make sure the furniture doesn’t block the passage in any room. Too much furniture in a room will make the space look small and untidy. Make sure there is a good balance between small and large furniture items.

If you are not sure how the furniture will look in the room make a template of newspapers with the sizes. This way it will give you a good impression of the size of the furniture and how much space it will take.

Choose the right fabric

When you are looking to buy a sofa or chair you need to consider what sort of fabric or leather is suited for you. Not only the model or size of the sofa or chair matters the fabric is very important too. From a sleek design element sofa with steel frame to a comfortable 3 seater sofa with loose nice cushions or a sturdy corner sofa in weathered leather. Whatever your choice always determine first what your living style is and then decide which sofa fits best. Almost all sofas are available in various fabric and leather types. The legs can be produced in a color of your choice and there is a large choice of many different colors of upholstery. This way you choose exactly the sofa that fits in your interior!

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Tips for buying new Sofa

Decide how many seats

Do you have young children? A family with three teenagers? Or are you just going to live together? You determine the number of seats by looking closely at your family composition. Weather you are choosing a sofa or dining table it is important that you get this decision right. If you only live with your partner a 3 seater sofa offers enough seating. However a large corner sofa is much more practical for a family. Keep in mind when choosing the number of seats whether you want to combine the sofa with a comfortable armchair. This way you create a seating arrangement where everyone can look at each other and you don’t have to sit in a row. Prefer no armchair in the room? Then choose a playful element sofa with which you create a flexible seating area. For the dining table there need to be enough seats for you and your family but also keep in mind that you will very likely invite people to come over for dinner when choosing your dining table and chairs.

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Above is some general advice to keep in mind when choosing your new furniture. We appreciate that every household has specific needs. Come and visit us for personal advice how to choose to right furniture for you. John Long Furniture Centre is a family run furniture store in Swansea, Fforestfach, South Wales. We proud of delivering quality furniture with a personal service for over 50 years. We have an excellent range of sofas, beds, dining furniture and bedroom furniture for sale in our Swansea furniture shop. We are open seven days a week.


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