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Tips for furnishing a large living room

It can be very difficult to decorate a small living room however there are some rules as well when you want to choose furniture for a large living room.

It is always important to really stick to your own living style and to bring it back in the design of your living room. Look for the furniture that suits your style and further furniture that all complement each other. This way your living room will be completely in your own style and you will feel at ease in this space. At John Long Furniture we have a wide range of leather and fabric sofas and dining room tables and chairs to suit your style.

Make use of stylish rugs

By placing a rug in the living room, the large space is filled up a bit more visually. Make sure to use rugs that match your furniture and your style for colour and pattern. Make sure to put the rug slightly under the sofa and of course under the coffee table and your seating area looks much more filled. A rug is also a nice addition under the dining table.

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tips for furnishing a large living room

Use larger furniture

It sounds obvious but it is often forgotten. People see nice furniture which they like however it is too small for a large living room. By choosing furniture that is too small, the living room will look much larger and emptier. Larger pieces of furniture however will fill your large living room beautifully, creating less empty space. This will also create a more cosy effect. Long sofas against the wide walls combined with a beautiful coffee table that fits your style. Large dining room furniture will have the same effect.

Smart use of accessories

Not only furniture can create the right look and feel of your large living room. Make sure to put some paintings or artwork on your wall to break up a large wall. Another good idea is to place larger plants on strategic positions. Especially high plants can break up the large room. This will also add some bright green to your living room.

John Long Furniture for your living room.

Whatever the size of your living room we have the perfect furniture to suit your living room. We have a wide selection of sofas for sale. We also have a quality range of dining room furniture in all sizes. Also have a look at our sideboards and TV cabinets. We are open again so come and visit our furniture store to have a look at our furniture collection. Make sure to check our opening times. Alternatively feel free to contact us to discuss your furniture needs.

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