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Tips how to create a light interior

A lot of people these days want a white or light interior. So what should you do or not do in order to create the perfect light interior? We will give you some tips about how to create a perfect white, light interior.

Embrace daylight

This might speak for itself but we would like to mention it. By making the amount of daylight in the house as large as possible, you ensure a lot of natural light in the house. For example an extra skylight, windows to the ground or sliding doors to the backyard to let in daylight. Glass in connecting doors from the hallway to the living room also has an influence. You should opt for a door with a lot of glass than a closed door. With a door made of or with a lot of glass, you bring in extra daylight in both rooms.

No dark windows and window decoration

Besides ensuring you let in plenty of daylight also keep the window frames light to additionally amplify the light from the outside in. A sliding door at the rear? It is allowed in a dark colour because the amount of daylight allows it perfectly. But with normal window frames, especially on the north we recommend a lighter colour.

Window decoration also has a major influence on the amount of daylight in the house. Blinds and shutters provide privacy but also take away a lot of daylight. Light in-betweens or translucent roman blinds are a good alternative. Or maybe you don’t want to use any window decoration.

Tips how to make a white interior

Light surfaces

Make sure that you do not give large surfaces such as the floor, walls and ceiling a too dark colour. These surfaces in a light or white colour make the room appear larger and lighter. To do this, use shades of white, cream, beige or light pastel colours.

Do not make everything white

White is your best friend for a bright interior however make sure you don’t overdo it. Make sure not everything turns white. Chances are that your interior will look sterile and that is of course not what you want. You want to keep it warm and cosy in your home. What are you doing to prevent this? You can read that in the next paragraphs.

Use natural materials

By using natural materials you will give your white interior atmosphere. A wooden floor is perfect for a light and white interior. However for example, wicker baskets, a woollen or jute rug or a rattan chair also work wonders in your bright interior. It brings a lot of warmth and atmosphere.

Use black or grey

In addition to natural materials, choose an accent colour to break it up a bit. Black is a perfect colour for this, but it is diametrically opposed to white. Do you think this difference is too big, but are you looking for an accent colour? Then grey is the solution for you. And with grey you can really go in all directions. Make sure that you choose a grey colour with a warm shade and not a blue one. A blue-grey shade makes your interior cool. And that is exactly not your intention.

Tips how to create a light interior

Make use of plants or flowers

Plants and flowers fit into any living style and into any interior. Despite the fact that plants and flowers do have colour, this is not experienced as disturbing. A large plant such as a banana plant or a palm brightens up your white interior. In addition, plants are of course very cosy in your interior and they are good for your health and mood.

Quality furniture for a bright interior

At John Long Furniture Centre in Swansea we have a wide range of quality furniture for sale to help you create the perfect light interior for every room in your house. Have a look at our range of sofas, dining room furniture, beds and bedroom furniture to help you furnish your light room. Alternatively have a look at our online furniture store where you can simply select and pay securely online for our quality furniture. If you have any questions come an visit us or contact us we will be happy to help you and advice you.

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