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Tips how to furnish a new build home

When purchasing a new build home you have a lot of things to sort out and think about. The advantage is that in most cases you have a say in how you want to style your new house. In this blog we are going to give you a number of tips on how to style and furnish your new build home.

The first phase of the new-build house process

Congratulations you have bought a new build house. As said you can choose what sort of kitchen, flooring and bathroom you want in your new home giving you great options to choose your style. To complete your interior style you also need to think about what sort of furniture you will choose.

Make an overview what you expect of your new home

In order to make the right decisions, it is essential to make an overview of what you require from your new house. Do you prefer a kitchen or a larger living room? Do you need a workplace at home or a room for your hobbies? What plans do you have for the future and how long do you plan to live in this house? Do you expect your family composition to change in this time and what wishes do you have for that? It is also good to take this into account when making choices for your bathroom.

Write down for each room how you will use it and also note your living wishes.

Tips how to furnish a new build home

Get inspiration

You also need to get inspiration and have a look at the latest trends. This can be done very easily via Pinterest and Instagram, but also go and visit shops. You are always welcome to get furniture inspiration in our furniture store in Swansea. Have a look what is available and get inspired. You really don’t have to figure it all out yourself.

Create a second document with the ideas you have seen and also create a mood board of the colours and styles you would like to see reflected in your own home.

Tips how to furnish a new build home

The appointment with the project developer

You will receive a lot of information from the project developer and you will also have to pass on certain choices within a short time (usually within 6 weeks). Think of extra electricity points, walls that you want to move, windows that are now closed by default you might want to be able to open, etc.

Our advice is to have at least 1 extra empty electrical line installed per room. Also make sure that you have enough sockets. It is an extra cost item, however nothing more annoying if you haven’t got enough power points in your house. Also consider how you will organise the rooms and whether you expect the layout to change in the coming years. Include all of this in your electrical plan. Also look at the light points on the ceiling. Are these in the right place or do you have to move them?

Also check carefully which windows can be opened and closed. If you have a window in the attic, it is often closed by default. However, it can be very nice to be able to open your attic window.

Furnish your new build home

Once the tough decisions about the kitchen, bathroom, flooring etc in your house have been made, you can get started with the layout and furnishing. This can be a fun job however it also can be a difficult one. Based on your mood board and living wishes, you can get started with your colour and layout plan. Which colours will you use and how? It is smart to apply the main colours (your most favourite colours) to the large colour areas such as your floors, walls and ceiling. For your furniture and home accessories, you will work with the other colours from your colour palette, supplemented with your main colours.

John Long Furniture to furnish your new build home

At John Long Furniture Centre we have a wide range of furniture for your home. We have a collection of quality sofas for sale and also dining room furniture, beds and bedroom furniture. If you need any advice how to furnish your new build home come and visit us or contact us. We are happy to help and advice you what furniture is right for you. Also have a look at our online furniture store where you can simply select your furniture, pay via our secure gateway and have your furniture delivered to your new home.

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