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Tips to create the perfect workplace at home

We are working more and from home these days. Even now the threat of the Covid-19 pandemic is getting less. Reason enough to create a good workplace at home. In this blog we will give you some tips to create the perfect workplace at home.

A comfortable workplace is of great importance. A pleasant workplace increases productivity, your inspiration and mood. You may already have your own office at home, but you can of course create a workplace anywhere in the house. Think of a workplace in the living room, the empty space under the stairs, in the attic, in a separate room, the extension or in the basement.

Choose a good desk

A pleasant workplace starts with a good desk and a suitable office chair. A good posture at work is very important, both for your motivation and for your body. Choose a desk that suits you, both in terms of functionality and appearance, but also the right height.

The functionality of your office space contributes to being able to work properly. For example, you can opt for a very small desk that only fits a laptop, such as a nice side table with drawers underneath. Or opt for a desk with a cupboard, so you immediately have extra storage space. You can actually use all kinds of tables as desks, provided they are at the right height.

Set up the workplace ergonomically

If you work from home a lot, it is important to set up the workplace ergonomically. In addition to the right desk, make sure you also have a good desk chair. In this way you can prevent back problems. For good posture, an office chair should be height-adjustable so that you can ensure that your legs are always at a 90-degree angle. A good chair has armrests, these should be low enough to allow your shoulders to relax with your arms at a 90 degree angle. In addition, you must be able to stand with your feet flat and firmly on the ground.

Tips to create the perfect workplace at home

Make sure you have enough light

At your workplace, light is extremely important to stay fit and alert. Preferably natural daylight. Placing a desk by a window would be ideal. Make sure that the sunlight does not shine on your screen or in your eyes. If you have no light from outside or if you work a lot in the evening, make sure you have good lighting in your home office.

Create overview

Nothing is more distracting than a mountain of clutter around you. Therefore, organise administration and other paperwork in folders. You can organise all other loose things in nice storage baskets. Is the space big enough? Then place a nice closed cupboard or bookcase, so you can store everything nicely and still have your things close at hand.

Provide fun, inspiration and energy

For example put some beautiful photos on the wall or choose a few catchy quotes that give you inspiration. Also put a beautiful plant in the room. This immediately gives more energy.

Quality furniture for your interior

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