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How to choose the right dining table shape

Dining tables come in different shapes and sizes. The round dining table is currently quite popular. However does a round dining table suit you or is it more sensible to go for a square or rectangular table? We are happy to tell you more about the advantages and disadvantages of the different shapes of tables and explain to you how to choose the right dining table shape for you.

How to choose the right dining table shape

Round dining table

As stated a round dining table is quite popular these days. A round shaped dining table is great if you have a wide space ensuring that there is sufficient walking space around the table. There are several advantages of a round dining table:

  • More pleasant, because you can look everyone in the eye.
  • Equal, because no one is in charge
  • Practically, everyone is equally far away from the stuff in the middle.
  • Safe, no corners to bump into

Possible disadvantages of a round dining room table are:

  • You cannot put a round table neatly against a wall.
  • You can’t conveniently push a table against it to increase the number of places.
  • If you already have a dining room sofa, it will not match a round table.

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How to choose the right dining table shape

Square or rectangle dining table

A dining table with corners in a square or rectangle shape also has its own advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of a rectangular or square dining table:

  • You can easily slide this table against a wall or in a corner
  • Easy to push a table against when you have a lot of visitors.
  • Lots of space on the table top

However there are also possible disadvantages of a dining table with corners:

  • You can bump into the corners
  • People at the ends of the table sit far away with the for example food in the middle.
  • Takes up more space than a round table

John Long Furniture Centre Dining Room Furniture

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